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Hi, Welcome to my blog!

So you probably want to know who I am right? Unless you already know me lol, I'm a fifteen year old girl who enjoys staying on trend. Since I'm so young, high school is my runway. This blog was made because I wanted to share the way I express myself with my outfits, sometimes I'll be girly and sometimes I'll be rocker chic, depends on my mood that day. I hope you enjoy my blog <3
  1. Long time no see!
    05 Mar, 2017
    Long time no see!
    Hey!  We're back in business ;) Okay, first let me begin by apologizing for the lack of content, but I am back now so let us move on lol. So lately, I have been trying to stay away from jeans and explore other options, such as joggers and things of that nature. The first outfit was inspired by KimPossible, or so people say. The pants were slouchy pants from F21 and the top from Zara featured on a previous post. The second outfit is sweet and simple, nothing too complicated, just a top stolen
  2. 2016.... 2017
    15 Jan, 2017
    2016.... 2017
    2016.... 2017 hey again! Hey!!! Happy late holidays and new year! It feels good to be back :) This post is a little bit of everything, the first picture was my outfit for New Year's Eve, it was a light blue spaghetti strap dress, all the vibes  I get from that dress is Selena Gomez when she wore a red mini Dior dress and I love it so much. The second picture is my absolute favorite outfit. I usually stay away from crop tops because I can never figure out how to wear them, but as the new year
  3. Outfits Of The Day pt. 3
    11 Dec, 2016
    Outfits Of The Day pt. 3
    Outfits of the Week  Part. 3?? Hey! Been a while lol, school has been stressful enough lol but I'm back :)  One thing I noticed when I put these pictures together for this post was that there's a lot of pattern and layering going on and I'd never thought I'd see myself doing it lol. Okay before I continue, I wanted to thank those who still read these, I wanted to thank you for your support, for supporting this idea. It really makes me happy to hear that I inspire some of you guys. So... In the
  4. Girl Meets More Cold Weather
    19 Nov, 2016
    Girl Meets More Cold Weather
    Girl Meets More Cold Weather I really dislike cold weather... The weather has been getting colder and colder by the weekend and if anyone knows me, they should know I absolutely cannot stand cold weather, I'm just not built for it. I pretty much refuse to dress for cold weather so I sometimes wear summer prints. For example on my first outfit, I literally stole the floral long sleeve from my dad's closet... my dad wasn't too happy about it but I really liked it so I put it together with a baby
  5. Outfits of the Week pt. 2
    11 Nov, 2016
    Outfits of the Week pt. 2
    Outfits of the Week pt. 2 I actually stepped it up a notch this week lol Hey again! So these outfits have been put together in the course of two weeks actually lol, some days I was feeling lazy and didn't wear outfits worthy of posting :P so I took my best outfits and posted them here. I'm not going to post something I don't feel is of good quality. Anyways, the first three outfits are my favorites, the first one is completely adorable though, I've never really been much into animal print but
  6. Girl Meets Fall?
    22 Oct, 2016
    Girl Meets Fall?
    Girl Meets Fall? Does Florida even have such thing called "fall"? Okay, so if you follow me on snapchat (which you should by the way ;) it's @lola_4901 ) you've probably noticed that I post these pictures on there. Why? well because my blog is still in a starting stage and I don't have a photographer to be capturing my outfits everyday at school lol XD. Anyways, so the temperature has been dropping a few degrees here and to me that is torture, I absolutely abhore cold weather. Therefore I will
  7. Girl Meets School pt. 2
    01 Oct, 2016
    Girl Meets School pt. 2
    Girl Meets School pt.2 I don't even know how many weeks of school we've had but I already want summer to come. If anyone knows me, they'll know that I will NOT wear something that's uncomfortable. I will always prefer to be comfortable, because if I'm not, I will not be in a good mood the whole day. Let me tell you that all of these outfits are probably the most comfortable I've been. I live in a place of constant hot weather and rain, so lately, I've been avoiding wearing pants because it's
  8. Girl Meets Santorini
    23 Sep, 2016
    Girl Meets Santorini
    Girl Meets Santorini Cyclade Islands pt. 2 Oh Santoriniii..... The Cyclade Islands were so beautiful.  They were also very hot, which is why I stuck to my romper, from F21 (Forever 21) I talked about this romper before on the post about Athens, Greece. What can I say? It's really comfortable. The shoes on the fourth picture are from Old Navy, now that we're in fall... They're out of season now :( but I got a very good use out of them. Why is there a picture of food you may ask.... I couldn't
  9. Girl Meets Mykonos
    04 Sep, 2016
    Girl Meets Mykonos
    Girl Meets Mykonos The Cyclade Islands pt.1 Let me just begin this post by saying that Mykonos was most definitely a dream... One of the most beautiful places I have EVER seen. While I was there, I did not have much time to be very fashionable... yes I regret it, but to be fair I was only allowed to bring like 3 outfits and I just really wanted to be comfortable... So here's what I wore in these pictures: I wore a Dubai shirt (yes, it was really comfortable, and yes to another place that is
  10. Girl Meets School... Again.
    22 Aug, 2016
    Girl Meets School... Again.
    Girl Meets School... Again. Outfits of the Week. So Monday, I had to go back to school... fun right? For me, it's not that bad because after all, the school is my runway XD El lunes, tuve que volver a la escuela ... divertido ¿verdad? Para mí, no es tan malo porque después de todo, la escuela es mi pista XD So the first day, I wanted to be a little comfortable since it was the FIRST day of school, so I wore an adidas tee that's actually for little boys but I don't care because it was really
  11. Girl Meets Athens, Greece
    19 Aug, 2016
    Girl Meets Athens, Greece
    Girl Meets Athens The Parthenon Never in my life did I see myself standing in front of The Parthenon, believe when I tell you that I am really grateful to God and my parents for letting me taking me to places I never saw myself in. My parents usually read my blog posts so... Hey Dad! Hey Mom! Thank you for showing me the world <3 love you guys. Nunca en mi vida me vei a mí misma al frente del The Parthenon, creanme cuando les digan que estoy muy agradecida a Dios y a mis padres por dejarme ir
  12. Girl Meets Dubai Desert
    18 Aug, 2016
    Girl Meets Dubai Desert
    Girl Meets Dubai Desert A night in the desert. First of all, I really want to thank everyone for all the love and support I received on my first post, it really really really means a lot. I hope you guys keep enjoying this as m​uch as I am. En primer lugar, realmente quiero agradecer a todos por todo el amor y apoyo que he recibido en mi primer post, realmente significa mucho. Espero que ustedes sigan disfrutando de esto tanto como yo. As mentioned on my last post, I visited Dubai recently,